SHOCKING: Saudis will be allowed to buy firearms openly

It’s clear that there is a strong correlation between gun manufacture, and distribution and gun related deaths. However that said, soon Saudis will be able to buy handguns and other personal firearms openly for the first time, changing the law to that of license privately owned gun shops (which isn’t any better, but was highly regulated). The law change will allow anyone over the age of 25 with a clean criminal record and a bank guarantee of $135, 000 USD (why do they seem to think people with more money have more common sense?) can apply to open a gun store (as if this will discourage militant recruiters!).
Some have argued that this is aimed at curbing access to the widespread illegal ownership of handguns and assault weapons. Hunting and sport shooting weapons are currently sold in specialty stores and all weapons have to be licensed. The conditions for carrying firearms include a fresh antecedents certificate and a copy of the civil status card accompanied by three photos (Fantastic!).

Today in Saudi, there is currently no statistics on how many guns exist in private hands in the Kingdom, and one reason is that some Saudi argue that need handguns to defend themselves. However, everyone knows that civilians with guns do more harm than good. Lets face it, criminals are always going to get the first shot anyway.

So what I propose is a call for a total nationwide ban on handguns! We need to move forward people, not back! Shocking news Saudi! So I ask, Won’t it be better to make guns illegal in Saudi Arabia?

Devils Advocate note: No. I don’t believe it would be better to make guns illegal because it just makes it harder for the honest people to defend themselves. Illegal or not, criminals get guns no matter what the laws are.