About the author…

Whilst the Internet and our ideas remain borderless, we are not! and thus so many of my posts will reflect my influences from Saudi Arabia (my country of birth) and the United Kingdom (my adopted country where I’ve resided most of my life)…

I have a bachelor degree in Internet Engineering, a Masters in International Relations, and PhD in international politics and law – all specifically looking at Internet governance and regulation. Outside my academic realm, I consult for  the United Nations on a part-time basis, I am part of an advisory committee to ICANN (the organisation that runs the Internet infrastructure globally), and I run a small boutique consultancy.  O’ yes, I’ve also spent last two years teaching British public policy at a top ten UK university, as well as working for a UK Member of Parliament. This said, if you’re interested in finding out more about my professional career, then check my LinkedIn public profile.

Whilst generally I have very little interest in sport, I play the sport of kings – polo (but wish I have more time to spend on the saddle). In another life, I would have been a designer and toxicated myself around art. To that effect, I own a small company that customises high-end watches (in this life!).

I love good food and cooking – I developed my skills, and supplemented my thirst for fine cuisine through extensive travel and exposure to different cultures. I have a refined appreciation of food that drives the expression of my own culinary vision (sounds very corny I know!). Some of my food writing can be found at the popular ‘What’s Up Jeddah?’ magazine .

This page intends to reflect some of what I read and influenced by current affairs… This is my public “Scrap page!” of thoughts that hopefully interests you!

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