This referenced the Report I did for ISOC on Child Safety!

Digital Discontent

Last week, the Internet Society released its report ‘Children and the Inernet’, available here. This report, recognising the need for children to be afforded at least some level of protection online, nevertheless represents a potential victory for those calling for stronger evidence based policies regarding child safety in the digital environment.

In this writer’s opinion, perhaps the greatest strength of the report is the sense of rationality demonstrated in its introduction. Rather than starting with discussing the risks of the Internet to children, or sensationalised personal accounts of harm, the report begins with the implicit understanding that the Internet is not necessarily “good” or “evil”, but is an invaluable tool that is ultimately here to stay. On page 1 of the report, it is stated that ‘the Internet, for children and adults alike, is a hugely important medium, that is potentially of benefit to children. It can be…

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