Ahmadinejad wins confidence in Iran vote

The official result gave Mr Ahmadinejad a resounding victory – 63% of the vote against 34% for reformist candidate Mr Mousavi. To be honest, I feel sorry for the Iranian people… I really do! and I feel sorry for the whole region that has to deal with this looney!

Whilst thousands of people hit the streets of Tehran in support of Mahouds victory, the reality is that most of them are usued as media of propaganda. Iranians are now tasting the bitterness of tyranny and dictatorship more than ever. The idea that this election is infected by fraud is not as far fetched as many would like you to believe, as there was unprecedented turn out just because many people hoped to get rid of Ahmadinejad.

To be honest, does it really matter which nutcase is running Iran? Of course yes! the country is developing nuclear weapons, and when it succeeds, it will spark a nuclear cold war and the region will bare the brunt!


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