Britain entering the new political age

Only 34% of the British electorate turned out to vote – one of the lowest turnouts in recent times. The Tories came first, but failed to increase their total share significantly, while the BNP gained seats for the first time at national elections.

People who say the BNP vote was merely a protest vote are seriously delusional. As nearly 1 million people voted BNP, maybe it’s because the BNP are concerned with issues that are important to the ordinary British person? Even if thats not true, we most not forget 1 million!! from around 26 million on the electoral roll is still crazzy. However, more voters stayed away from the polling booths than last time, the BNP vote went down (thats no excuse though!)

The Result: We are now seeing the most APPALLING result yet of Labour’s ineptitude – the fact that votes have resulted in the BNP winning seats. A dismal day in our the UK’s political history. and we now have FACISTS representing the UK in Europe!!


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